• 31 MAY 18

    AKcess card purchase is now online

    With the escalating medical costs, a lot of us compromise quality healthcare. When illness strikes, instead of concentrating on getting the best healthcare, we’d rather think of how we are going to pay the doctors. In addition, people delay consulting with doctors because they find it much easier to cope with their sickness on their own than pay a physician.

    The QualiMed AKcess card takes off these worries!



    For only P1,500, cardholders get unlimited consultation with Primary Care Physician, discounts on medicine and medical services, a one-time 5 Basic Physical Exam package for free, worldwide personal accident insurance, and a lot more. The AKcess Card represents our 3A’s in delivering Alagang Abot-Kaya: Appropriateness, Affordability, and Accessibility.

    The best part is you can now purchase the QualiMed AKcess Card online through giftaway.com. Give yourself and your loved one the gift of health. Make your health a priority!

    Click on the link for your first step to your journey in taking care of your health. https://giftaway.ph/card/qualimed

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