Alagang QualiMed, Alagang Abot-Kaya.

When providing our services, we strictly abide by our 3As principle – Appropriateness, Affordability, and Accessibility. Simply put, we promise to provide only “Alagang Abot-Kaya” – that is, quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible to all.

Despite our price competitiveness, the quality and reliability of our services are never compromised. QualiMed healthcare services are provided by a competent medical team – our doctors pass through strict credentialing procedures, are governed by clinical practice guidelines, and are evaluated using performance metrics focused on output and patient outcomes.

Our doctors are complemented by well-trained medical ancillary staff and personnel and supported by modern medical systems and technologies. Because of these, you can expect to receive only the appropriate procedures and diagnostics corresponding to what you actually need.

Welcome to the QualiMed Health Network

QualiMed is a network of healthcare facilities owned and operated by Mercado General Hospital, Inc. (MGHI) in partnership with Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI). The QualiMed Health Network operates using three facility formats: mall-based multi-specialty clinics, stand-alone ambulatory or day surgery centers, and full-service hospitals (from primary to quaternary).

All facilities under the QualiMed Health Network are designed to have an organized, cozy, and relaxed atmosphere. The intention is to promote a warm and engaging atmosphere where patients can interact with medical professionals and receive better medical advice and treatment. All QualiMed medical staff and professionals are trained to provide customer service where patient experience is a priority. Patient care is coordinated within the QualiMed Health Network; in cases where patients need to be transitioned across different facilities, management of transfer can be easily and actively managed.

These are primarily mall-based clinics located in Ayala Malls. The clinics serve as primary care clinics focused on providing primary preventive and promotive care. The clinics are less crowded than your usual hospital facility. According to studies, around 65-80% of patients need only primary care services. For example, there are recorded cases when children die of diarrhea or pneumonia in crowded hospitals because they are not given urgent treatment. Patients waste precious time lined up in hospitals, whereas they can be treated promptly at primary care clinics.

Ambulatory or day surgery centers are healthcare facilities offering surgery services that don’t need admission; procedures are performed under an outpatient setting. This is a practical choice for patients because they won’t need to pay admission fees and other related charges. The ambulatory or day surgery center is capable of performing same-day surgeries focused on minimally invasive techniques including laparoscopic, endoscopic, and arthroscopic surgeries. With the advent of minimally invasive surgeries, surgical incisions have become smaller resulting in faster patient recovery.

Full-service hospitals offer the most comprehensive healthcare services in the QualiMed Health Network. Besides having hundreds of beds for inpatients, they have capabilities for emergency rooms, major surgeries, intensive care units, and the whole gamut of specialty and sub-specialty doctors.

The 3As of QualiMed

  • Appropriateness

    QUALITY, APPROPRIATE, AND GENUINE MEDICAL CARE – These three qualities are QualiMed’s foremost considerations in providing medical care.

    QUALITY. Patients can be assured of reliable medical diagnoses and results. QualiMed healthcare is being provided by a competent medical team and supported by advanced medical equipment and healthcare technology systems. QualiMed implements strict credentialing and privileging process for doctors, hires experienced clinical staff, and keeps their capabilities up-to-date through trainings. QualiMed also has tie-ups with foreign-trained doctors to mentor our locally trained doctors.

    APPROPRIATE. Patients will be prescribed only the appropriate procedures based on best practices and clinical practice guidelines. There will be no over prescribing for patients to undergo too many procedures or diagnostic tests just to earn profit. QualiMed will spare its patients from unnecessary expense and will recommend only the medical requirements that are appropriate for their needs. This is being delivered through QualiMed’s focus on primary preventive and promotive care. It is also enforced by putting in place performance metrics based on output and patient outcomes.

    GENUINE. One of the considerations when hiring members of the QualiMed medical team is their natural warmth and caring predisposition. Simple acts like smiling to patients, speaking gently to soothe pain, and thinking ahead on how patients and their families can feel better are values that can differentiate the way we deliver healthcare. Clinical studies show that “tender, loving care” is very essential to faster healing.

  • Affordability

    PRICE PREDICTABILITY AND COMPETITIVENESS – Affordability is key to achieving QualiMed’s goal of providing quality healthcare to the broad C market, and possibly even to the DE markets. QualiMed aims to be the enabler of universal healthcare for Filipinos, who can neither afford nor have access to quality healthcare right now.

    PRICE PREDICTABILITY. This is delivered by setting up a well-established procurement system and operational efficiencies. We also have salaried physicians and employ a group practice model, making professional fees “regulated” because they are already factored in to the rates of our services.

    PRICE COMPETITIVENESS. The rates of our services are 30-40% lower than what are being offered in the market. We also have bundled services that makes our prices even lower than our regular rates. Because of our low rates, we are able to deliver minimal fixed co-payment benefits for PhilHealth members. As an example, in QualiMed Manila, dialysis of patients who are PhilHealth members are already completely covered by PhilHealth.

    And because QualiMed will be a huge network of healthcare facilities all over the Philippines, economies of scale will also be a factor in lowering our prices.

  • Accessibility

    EASE OF FINANCIAL AND PHYSICAL ACCESS – The partnership between Mercado General Hospital, Inc. (MGHI) and Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) has greatly helped in delivering this accessibility of QualiMed healthcare services.

    EASE OF PHYSICAL ACCESS. QualiMed facilities will be built/established in ALI’s mixed-use developments, including residential, office, and mall developments. Besides enhancing the quality of life in the communities within the developments, even residents near the developments will benefit in the inclusion of healthcare facilities in strategic and physically accessible areas.

    EASE OF FINANCIAL ACCESS. Also because of the partnership, locations and backend systems are provided to QualiMed at lower rates to free of charge. This reduces the expenses for the facilities when factored into their total expenditure. MGHI’s partnership with ALI also opened doors to other partnerships within Ayala Corporation’s business group.